Some Interesting Videos

There are some interesting Sovereign Grace Ministries videos floating around out there in cyberspace.  The following is from Covenant Life Church’s 2004 “Milestone Weekend,” a celebration of C.J. Mahaney as he bestowed the job of senior pastor upon Joshua Harris:


The same evening, Bob Kauflin performed a very special song for his dear friend:


Many thanks to reader and commenter MagruderHighDays for posting these!  (Although the Youtube account says “SGM Survivors channel,” please note that this site, SGM Survivors, has no connection to that channel.)

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  • Sick with Worry

    To all the commenters on CLC’s current sermon series: I do not think any of us our going to get the precise end result we would like to see out of CLC. I know it is frustrating and many have been hurt. Real change takes time and the culture at an organization like CLC is very embedded. Josh needs to move slowly and he probably is still working through this himself and bringing the congregation along. We obviously have doctrinal differences among us here on the blog, and many are not going to be happy because of CLC’s doctrinal positions.

    I am not defending Josh or CLC – I am simply stating what I believe helps me stay sane. If I simply focus on the double standards and integrity issues in Sovereign Grace Ministries, rather than my own doctrinal differences with them, it gets a little easier to see some incremental improvements at CLC.

    I hope that makes sense – not trying to lecture. I am trying to keep my own head on straight and “believe the best” in a heartfelt and informed manner. It looks to me like Josh is trying.

  • Ozymandias

    Observation 1: Since the reinstatement announcement on 25 January, there have been *no* denominational updates over at Plant and Build blog. We’re going on nearly a month.

    Observation 2: In the same period, multiple SGM congregations across the country have been on the receiving end of unity-related and godly speech/slander/gossip-related sermons.

  • Persona

    It looks as if the newly refashioned clc website reflects the ‘equality among elders’ theme Josh emphasized last Sunday. The pastors are now listed in alphabetical order, rather than by job status, as they have always been in the past. But, I think the change is laughable. Who cares about pecking order other than them? I have never heard one person complain about it!

    More interesting, in redesigning the clc website, they now include SGM leadership team photos. I don’t think they were posted on the clc site before, were they? I only remember seeing them on the sgm site.

    To me their inclusion is more than a strong hint that clc has achieved an uneasy truce with sgm and, they have no plans to separate from the fold. Btw, is it not a shame that one still needs to look for ‘clues’ rather than ever hope to hear directly where they stand or the reasons why? This may be further proof that not much has changed.

    As for photos of employed-females-who-sacrificially-serve-the church, I don’t know why they omit them. Have they ever had them on their website? I don’t remember any.

    But, I think having photos of the receptionists or secretaries helps callers put a face with a name. All I know is, it is a rare church that neglects to post the church secretary on their website. I know this because I’ve looked at quite a few church sites over the past few years :)

    The lone photo of a woman I found on the clc site was of Valeri Maresco, a pastor’s wife who serves in the women’s ministry. I can’t exactly say she ‘leads’ the ministry since she and others have make it clear that they submit all their plans to pastors before they act on anything. The recent incarnation of the clc women’s ministry has an interesting history: Josh agreed to expand the women’s ministry (beyond a bi-annual spring event) after a group of clc single women expressed their dissatisfaction to Josh with the women’s ministry at one of his NEXT conferences.

    I noticed that Josh did not mention the role of deaconess in his latest installment on church order. In his appeal to scripture, somehow he overlooked the fact that deaconesses are mentioned in the Bible and Jesus and his disciples strongly relied on women to support their ministry. Women were obviously an integral in the life of the early church; not sure how Josh missed that.

    I have never understood the fear of women that clc pastors exhibit. It was not so pronounced thirty years ago but, it has definitely grown over the years. Imo, it is now way beyond the bounds of scripture and needs correction.

    Josh was careful not to mention the influence of the Women’s Movement on the church although he inferred that their were ‘negative cultural pressures on the church’ and I assume he was alluding at least in part to the women’s movement. I know the Biblical Manhood and Womanhood group feels it is one of the most detrimental influences on the church.

    The thing I would disagree with is that it is something to greatly fear within the walls of clc. I actually think their over-reaction to the movement is far more detrimental. Disregarding anything biblical is of concern and neglecting the role of deaconess is an error, they may regret one day.

  • Lynn


    I too was wondering why all the females were removed from covlifes staff members. Does anyone know why this happened?

  • Luna Moth

    Epaphras, I liked the question you posed above–about obeying God rather than man.

    (and I wish that that verse had been in front of me when I was being told about how we are supposed to obey our “covering” even if he/she was wrong, that this “submission” would honor God more than getting it right…Not true, not true!!)

    Bridget, Muckraker, Yellow, B.R, Epaphras, Kindred–I am glad to be gathered here with all of you, with Him! :D