Lawsuit Text (with addresses redacted)

This is the filing in its entirety.  However, we felt it best to remove home addresses.  Also, please note:  THIS IS AMERICA, WHERE WE HAVE A JUDICIAL SYSTEM THAT RECOGNIZES THAT ACCUSED PARTIES ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.  This document reflects the plaintiffs’ perspective.

EDITED TO ADD:  For our new readers, this post from last year contains a great summary of the mindset and theological underpinnings that are at the root of the strange pastoral behavior and counsel discussed in the lawsuit filing.



  1. LongingForHeaven says:

    Just curious about a few things and wondered if anyone knew more about it.

    Why is Larry T. listed as a defendant but then not directly referred to in the lawsuit as many of the other defendants are, well besides C.J.? Are he and C.J. just listed because they both headed up the ministry and advised the course of action to be taken? (I know somewhat of the history of Larry’s son)

    Also, does anyone know what communication #20 is referring to specifically? “This practice has not stopped, as is evidenced by teachings as communications as recent as August 2011. On those occasions when the Church was not successful in persuading the parents of the victim to refrain from contacting law enforcement, the Church interfered with the administration of justice by tipping off the sexual predators that they had been reported to law enforcement.”

    Don’t know if I’m wrong in this but as an aside I was somewhat put off by the request from Josh Harris at the end of his letter to the church in saying “We very much appreciate your prayers for all who are affected by this.” It came off as somewhat vague and strangely an appeal to see those guys listed above as victims of a lawsuit. Of course he says ‘all’ but it is left vague and strangely reminiscent of his general teetering during this summer.

  2. Mole says:

    I found Bob Dixon’s prophetic warning to SGM given about a year ago. Here it is:

    “I wanted to pass on a vision I had the afternoon of 9/17/11. I believe the following vision applies to SGM as an organization, not to His people. I believe when God’s rebuke has passed, SGM will no longer exist as we know it. The churches that remain will either be independent or they will dissolve completely. His people will be rescued.

    In a vision I saw a place at the bottom of the ocean. It was smooth and tranquil. Suddenly, the sea floor shifted violently and I saw a shock wave rise to the surface of the ocean. The wave started out small but quickly gained size, power, and speed as it began to travel across the surface of the water. The wave became massive. The force of it was frightening to behold. Soon it was enormous, but still far out at sea. This great tsunami wave of God’s rebuke was headed for land with amazing power and force. I was awestruck as it continued to gather momentum and finally turned my head in fear.

    I believe the Lord is showing me, He has released the power of His rebuke that will cause SGM to be “destroyed—without remedy.” The Lord will no longer stay His hand. The fearful and awesome rebuke of the Lord is coming to SGM. Destruction is at hand, and nothing can stop it except complete and utter brokenness, repentance, and Godly sorrow. God will not be mocked.”
    The Scripture says, “Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.” Proverbs 29:1

    “Then the channels of the sea were seen,
    and the foundations of the world were laid bare
    at your rebuke, O Lord,
    at the blast of the breath of your nostrils.” Psalm 18:15

    “The stouthearted were stripped of their spoil;
    they sank into sleep;
    all the men of war
    were unable to use their hands.
    At your rebuke, O God of Jacob,

    both rider and horse lay stunned.” Psalm 76:5,6

  3. lily says:

    Mole #2, what appropriate scripture. In the account of a tsunami, I immediately thought of the SGM logo, which looks either like a wave spreading out or rings orbiting something. I remember when we had first googled SGM years ago, thinking it was a strange looking logo for a Christian church. Thought at the time that perhaps they were trying to appeal to a younger demographic.

  4. Lee says:

    Okay….I might be totally wrong….and I’ve been known to be wrong many times.

    Both Kris and Brent (at the top of their posting of the lawsuit) have said everyone is presumed innocent till proven guilty…but I don’t believe a civil lawsuit determines guilt or innocence. It determines whether someone is entitled to damages.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Criminal courts determine guilt and innocence.

  5. Somewhereintime says:


    I felt that exact same way although I am thinking that our feeling was not what was intended by Harris. The again, SGM pastors aren’t wizards with he keyboard nor their mouths.

    Just in case though … I’ll be praying for the victims … I’ll be silent on those who are being sued.

  6. Stunned says:

    To each of the men involved in this law suit: I appeal to you to get your OWN attorney. Please, do not trust your leader to take care of you, despite any possible pleas for unity. Think about the past. How did trusting the leadership work for Larry Tomczak? How did it work for Brent? Don’t think you are above being thrown under the proverbial bus when push comes to shove. Just an appeal for what I think is wisdom.

  7. Sidney says:

    Man. Reading that was like new waves of detox coming over me. Does anyone else feel like that right now?

    I’ve gotten letters in the mail about class action lawsuits notifying me of the lawsuit just in case I was affected by the alleged wrongdoing. I wonder if this is how this class action lawsuit will go. Will someone write to everyone who went to a SGM church from 1987 to present and notify them of the lawsuit in case they are party to it?

    I hope so. I can’t imagine how many people don’t read blogs. How else will they find out about it?


  8. Moniker says:

    Lee (#4) – You are correct. Here’s a brief explanation of the difference between criminal and civil justice systems:

  9. Mary says:

    If the women that brought this lawsuit are reading: I am deeply impressed by your courage. I can only imagine how difficult this is. I appreciate your complaint mentioning others that have yet to find your level of courage. I hope you find the justice you deserve and that God heals the deepest parts of your beautiful soul. I am sorry all this happened to you and your families. My heart goes out to you.

  10. Moniker says:

    Point #29 states “She told Defendants Ecelbarger, Phillips, Hinders, Gallo, and perhaps others that her son had admitted to these crimes.” But Phillips is not listed as one of the defendants at the beginning of the document. Hmm.

    Also, CJ is in Germany right now with Jeff Purswell at a conference (Eckstein 2012), according to the SGM website. CJ is preaching four times, and Jeff is preaching three times. Interestingly enough, the theme of the conference is “The Christian and His Character: The Transforming Power of the Gospel.” I’m sure it’s a bit of a strain on CJ being out of the country at a time like this.

  11. Stunned says:

    Why does CJ keep giving the glory and credit to the gospel. Doesn’t he get that it’s JESUS who died for us, and gave us freedom? What’s up with talking about the gospel, an ACT of God, rather than God himself?

  12. Kraftig says:

    “Pastor Harris says Sovereign Grace Ministries, whose member churches may operate under different names, absolutely wants to get to the bottom of this and insists all children are safe, but critics say nothing has changed and no telling how many victims are still out there.”

    “Get to the bottom of this”?! Like it is some new mystery? Weak sauce, brotha.

  13. justawife says:

    Kraftig#12: Just clicked your link and watched the news short. Josh Harris IS NOT CJ Mahaney’s son-in-law. Wonder how they got this fact wrong.

    I really feel bad for J. Harris in many ways, say what you will about him. I don’t always agree with the way he has responded to the SGM board, AoR report, or CJ, but I do feel bad because these cases never happened under his watch. At this moment, I am really wishing J. Harris (and some other CLC pastors) had followed their instincts and called out SGM. Some may not agree with me here, but I have a huge amount of respect for J. Harris as an individual and believe him to be a gifted man in ministry. He seems sincere to the Holy Spirit, although he isn’t flawless, and willing to acknowledge past mistakes.

  14. Sidney says:

    Justawife. I like Josh too. Ever since I helped him out in some administrative stuff in the last 90s, I have always seen him as a genuine person. I think he loves the Lord. I think he’s a really good guy and I think he has a good heart and wants to see God’s work being done.

    I think there is a significant weakness. Josh has not stood up to the bully. He tried. Once. The bully spanked him. He stood down. He’s been standing down ever since.

    Why didn’t they “follow their instincts?” Do you have any thoughts about that?

  15. LongingForHeaven says:

    #14 I understand what you mean about J. Harris. But as much as I like Josh Harris as a person, at some point you have to take responsibility and bear the weight of the position you are in. He didn’t just inherit the throne yesterday.

    It actually reminds me of how Harris recently commented on FB regarding Megan being in a new relationship that “God makes all things new.” Okay so what does that mean? Does it mean that divorce is okay or can we just separate Josh Harris as a layman being happy for a divorced friend who is finally happy after a painful trial? And does it mean that he agreed as a Pastor that Megan and Kerrin went through a biblical divorce? Does SGM now have a different doctrine on divorce?

    This reminds me of an article that someone posted a while back on this site about a church in Vienna, VA who under the leadership of a new Pastor was able to heal some of rifts caused by the sexual abuse of a former youth pastor. The problem with SGM, CLC and neighboring churches has always been the extreme nepotism and favoritism that by its very virtue create an environment where group-think trumps logic, compassion and even the Word of God. I think the truth is that the victims of group-think are always the weakest among them and those who can’t define/defend themselves.

  16. Mary says:

    I do not feel bad for Mr. Harris at all. God expects us to tell the truth. Josh basically gave the everything is well here speech. It is shameful to me. It makes me sick to my stomach. His watch or not…take the hard road, do the right thing, tell the truth. Sigh.

  17. justawife says:

    Sidney#15: I think the whole pastoral consensus may have been the reason the pastors did not follow their instincts. My *limited* understanding of the situation is the opinions of the CLC regarding partnership with SGM range from devoted loyalty to wanting absolute dissolution in that situation. My interpretation of their actions is due to maybe wanting to not offend the longstanding, loyal families with relatives working in SGM or family ties (as anyone in CLC knows, there are a lot of family ties). Still, there are plenty of members, like myself, who had wished they had left much sooner. We were encouraged by the bold speech in October only to see SGM bully any oppositional voice forming. It’s really disheartening.

    LFH#16 and Mary#17: I agree he does have to take responsibility, given his position. But as someone who has met him personally a number of times, I still feel bad for him. It’s not too late though, maybe this is what it will take for J. Harris to stand firm and take the hard road. I only wish he had done this back in November after CJ’s comments.

    And LFH#16: Regarding your comments on divorce, Josh Harris’ response isn’t all that uncommon among many Christian friends who have known someone close that has gone through a divorce. It’s one thing to preach against it from the pulpit, but your opinion changes when it affects your friends personally. I have no clue on SGM’s doctrine on divorce, but I do know it is one of those issues that among even Evangelical Christians is treated as “do as I say, not as I do”.

  18. LongingForHeaven says:

    Wow, just saw the clip of Josh saying ‘it’s never been a policy” of the church to cover up abuse. It’s extremely tragic how he can stand there and deny it in the slickest language possible. He did the very thing he said the church wasn’t doing, protecting reputation.

    I don’t know what it is about SGM but somehow I just am shocked every time leadership chooses the wrong thing. Maybe because their PR machinations are so good and I want to so much to believe.

  19. SomewhereinTime says:

    Sadly read the comments of those outside of the church who are reading about the sexual abuse lawsuit and continue to see the fallout of our esteemed godly leaders and how they are “witnessing” to the world!

  20. Sidney says:

    Justawife…not to be mean or anything, but what you just said is exactly what the church should NOT be doing. Why are they worrying more about what the family members of employees are going to think if they take a stand for righteousness?

    Also, why is your understanding of the decisions of your church so “limited?” It shouldn’t be. That’s YOUR church. That’s Jesus’ church. It’s not those guys’ church. They shouldn’t have secrets.

    Come on…don’t buy into that stuff! It’s so far off base and so not healthy.


  21. justawife says:

    Sidney#20: I did not intend to justify the actions of the CLC pastors at all. I was just given my possible theory of why CLC pastors may have not called out SGM as boldly as (IMHO) they should have. The problem was exactly what you stated, worrying more about what people think of you than standing for righteousness.

    And I agree with you completely, my understanding of my church should not be limited. At least one pastor that I know of does not want it to be that way, many CLC members and at least one pastor do not agree with these matters not being discussed openly with the congregation. CLC is a large church and it will take a long time to detox. However I find it hard to believe that a matter such as this, receiving national media attention, will not cause the congregation to start asking questions, demanding answers, and thereby opening up a more open dialogue with the congregation (yes, how it should have been all along). I can’t see the church surviving if changes are not made.

  22. Sidney says:

    Justawife…I am so glad you said what you did. I’ve been saying that, if CLC stays on the trajectory they seem to have been on, when the next generation to be born is running it, it will be a healthy and thriving church. It took over 30 years to get to where it is today. It will probably take that long to get the threads of oppression and whatever else is in there out.

    I hope the 1 pastor you speak of wins the battle! I think the secrecy …the fraternity…is a hindrance to health.

  23. Sick with worry says:

    I really like Josh and I think he has been doing a decent job…. But why not dress like a grown-up and lose the soul patch? He also should have spoken up earlier and more frequently. I think he admitted the issue with “fear of man”, and now he is paying the price. I also agree that CLC over the years can turn into a thriving church.

    The board should be fired for being incompetent, but who would do it?

    Curious to know if any readers out there have been to church gatherings since the news broke. There was “not even a hint” that something was wrong at Home Group last night. It is amazing how tight lipped people can be; even with something this big.

  24. BrokenHearted says:

    That video made me tear up… it’s easy for me to say “I am 29 years old now, I am done wasting my life with SGM.”, but to see the church I grew up in (Fairfax)on the news on tv and hear words like “cult” and the way it makes it sound like those pastors didn’t care about that little 3 year old girl. My heart is just breaking… for everyone. I am praying so hard that God shines light into darkness through this and that in the end there will be healing for everyone. :( (Pastors and victims and friends and… everyone)

  25. Another Voice says:

    If Josh Harris and CLC have separated from SGM, then why is he speaking for SGM? Especially, why is he speaking for SGM about situations he was not even present for? I was definiately disappointed in Josh with this interview.

    Seek God, and His Will, Josh, and then be bold to proclaim it. How else can you claim to be a leader? A man of God, chosen to lead His people?

  26. Uriah says:

    Sidney said #23:
    “I hope the 1 pastor you speak of wins the battle! I think the secrecy …the fraternity…is a hindrance to health.”

    Sidney and other current members of CLC, if you keep expecting a pastor or a group of pastors to “win the battle”, or do the right thing without yourself and other members weighing in on the issues and engaging in the fight, then you are in for more of the same.
    Until the church members realize it is their biblical responsibility to insure decisions made by the leaders reflect the general consensus of the members; then the members at CLC will continue to shirk their responsibility and bear the consequences. Remember, the leaders at CLC affirmed in their new constitution “Jesus ruled, elder led, congregational accountable” This means the leadership at CLC should reflect the consensus of the people and the people should hold them accountable to implement/discharge whatever that consensus is.
    Apparently, an ongoing problem at CLC is the church has not embraced this new paradigm or responsibility. The leaders should be leading the church in what the church decides not what the leaders decide. It is ultimately up to the members of CLC whether or not they will continue to tolerate…. “secrecy”, and “the fraternity” that is “a hindrance to health.”
    I hope it doesn’t take another generation at CLC to come and go before folks figure this out.

  27. Whirlwind says:

    @LongingForHeaven #1 – ““This practice has not stopped, as is evidenced by teachings as communications as recent as August 2011.”

    I’m thinking this may refer to CLC’s revised policies that still didn’t indicate church officials should report abuse to secular authorities, but instead report everything up the chain to a pastor.

    It’s interesting that the suit lumps all the churches together as the “Church,” so what one church may do (e.g. CLC) is reflective of what the “Church” continues to do. Interestingly, how SGM is implicated as an organization rather than individual churches or pastors being implicated, could come down to its functioning apostolic polity.

    With the recent announcement from the polity committee indicating they would have outside theologians review their new structure in case they missed something, they may also want to have an outside lawyer review the polity to make sure individual churches remain free from legal problems faced by other churches or SGM.

    As for CJ and Larry being named as defendants, but not seeing them mentioned in the suit, my guess was they expected to pull them in as part of the discovery process, determining exactly what they knew about abuse situations in the churches and what counsel was provided to pastors under their “apostolic” leadership.

    To the three women…you’ve demonstrated courage where too many men were cowards. You’ve refused to let these men continue to hide in the shadows where they can convince themselves they did their best. I hope you can find some satisfaction in knowing you’ve refused to let their injustice continue without consequence. I pray you will find all the strength and encouragement you need to see this through to the end. And regardless of the outcome, you have done well.


  28. Guy says:

    Why do some of the reports keep referring to Josh as CJ’s son-in-law? Where did that come from?

  29. anon says:

    This makes me ill to read. I couldn’t even finish. Not because of the brave women that filed this lawsuit – GOOD FOR THEM. But because it happened, and never should have, and never should have come to this. They DO NOT take things like this seriously, no matter what they say. It is ALL about protecting the perpetrator, their image, shushing the victims, and saving SG face. I know because we experienced something similar in our SG church which was handled in THE SAME EXACT WAY. I just thank the Lord it was a mild incident (although serious to us) from one child towards ours. What makes me ill is that I can’t read this and not nod my head and agree and flash back to the same exact way our “concerns” were addressed and handled. It was sickening how they made us wait as they “cared for” the parents of the kid who was out of line, never showing any concern that he might be treating other kids this way, never letting anyone in the church know of anything inappropriate that could be going on. We sat in a meeting with the pastor and the parents of the kid and on the top of the sheet the pastor had in front of him it said “Reconciliation Meeting between A and B”. How can their be reconciliation when the ones committing the wrong won’t even admit it, let alone ask forgiveness for and make restitution for it? Whatever SGM, wake up and read your Bible. I hope this case blows the veil off the sleepers. UGH.

  30. Sidney says:

    Uriah, I am not a member and have not been since the mid 2000s. I had a long history with clc and was a member for 8 years. Moved away and was member of 2 more SG churches before a horrible thing happened with the pastor, apostle and a church split in one of their churches in the Midwest. Praise God he used that situation to open my eyes. We left SG 4+ years ago. I still have many connections at clc and have been trying really hard to have hope that they will change. My ability to hang onto that hope is quickly fading….tonight’s interview didn’t help.


  31. delta dagger says:

    People—-People—CJ and SGM will settle this out of court. They will pay the girls maybe $2,000,000 dollar and force a gag order on the girls not to talk about this to TV or radio or newspapers. Plus it will take at least one year to get it in court if it goes to court at all! Then there will be a web statement saying all is well in SGM land.

  32. Pia says:

    Been a long time since I’ve been here so let me just say my background quickly for those who don’t know me. I joined CLC back in 1987 when I was still a college student and–immediately upon graduating in 1988–worked for PDI (now SGM). In the course of my active membership at CLC and employment at PDI for many years, I worked closely with the “Defendants” Larry T., C.J., John L. and Gary R. Back then, like so many young, gullible Christians, I thought these men walked on water and could do no wrong. To follow Jesus meant to follow Larry and C.J. That’s why when I started seeing some of their personal flaws up close, I quickly dismissed them and when I was told that the key to dealing with my abusive husband was to “just pray for him and forgive him” and “going to a secular counselor would do you no good,” I utterly believed them. Well, fast forward in time and here I am–many, many years later. I’m happily re-married and involved in a way healthier ministry. I have 3 grown children whom I once hit so hard when they were toddlers (because Larry told me to in his book “God, the Rod and Your Child’s Bod” which was placed on par with the bible)that I was constantly breaking wooden spoons. Thank God I stopped that nonsense soon enough and my kids are still in love with Jesus to this day and have a really healthy relationship with Him despite how my abusive ex-husband and dysfunctional ex-church tried to mess them up. Reading this lawsuit is giving me cause for much praise–truly what is hidden in darkness will eventually be exposed in God’s exacting light and that is what is happening right now. Justice is finally being done thanks to the courageous acts of these three amazing young women who will come out of all this much stronger and more whole. Special thanks must also be given to Kris and Guy because without this blog, which I stumbled upon in 2007, I really don’t think any of this would have happened. Surely they were used by God for this very purpose and to help bring healing and wholeness into the lives of so many victims of this sick, sick system called SGM! I pray everyone who has ever been hurt, damaged and broken by it (especially those who were the little chidren in the 80’s and 90’s) will find ways to move past their current pains and continue on in their journey to discovering the ONE true GOd–who is more merciful, more beautiful and more loving than SGM ever painted Him out to be.

  33. Guy says:

    dd….remember, this is a class action. There are going to be more plaintiffs than the original 3.

    I agree that it will probably take a good while to get to court, and there are bound to be settlement talks. What this has done is expose the issue…betcha folks will be taking a much closer look now. And I’ll bet a lot of sermons are being re-written as well.

  34. Guy says:


    Good to “see” you around these parts. You know you are always welcome ;)

  35. Nickname says:

    Delta, Delta, are you aware that writing someone’s name twice is a method of showing condescension? It’s so kind and helpful of you to care for us from your lofty post by tsk-tsking and patting us on our brainless heads.

    None of us have any idea of what will happen in this lawsuit. You can make dismissing statements all day long, but that won’t make the lawsuit or reasons for it go away or lessen the impact.

    I wouldn’t be too sure about the plaintiffs accepting a gag order as part of an out-of-court settlement. One of the reasons they’ve sued is because they were gagged at the outset. No amount of money will fix what happened to them, but perhaps it will help pay for past and future counseling and financial distress caused by the reprehensible actions of those who should have been taking care of them from the outset. Each of the victims ought to have the opportunity to write a book — and SGM pastors can tout it from their pulpits and sell it in their bookstores.

    That is, if there is anyone left to listen to sermons or buy from the bookstores.

  36. Woe says:

    Various people have mentioned a letter from Joshua Harris. I can’t find it. Is it posted on this site?

  37. Stunned says:

    hi justawife. You said, ” At least one pastor that I know of does not want it to be that way, many CLC members and at least one pastor do not agree with these matters not being discussed openly with the congregation.”

    I hope that this guy follows his gut and does as he believes is right and actually tells everyone all he knows. He doesn’t have to wait for the permission of others to follow his own conscience. All he has to do is talk and share. Yes, it will probably get him into a boatload of trouble. But it’s the “listening to others instead of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you” that got SGM and all SGM pastors into this mess to begin with. I mean, who wants a leader who won’t even obey the Holy Spirit to begin with?

  38. Stunned says:

    Dear Brokenhearted,

    I can’t imagine what you are going through. I have friends who were in Fairfax for a number of years but have been out a while now and this is absolutely rocking them right now. All the feelings of betrayal, how they didn’t know there was a molester in their midst, how their children were not protected, etc. Let alone their love of the people who are still there. I am so sorry as I expect you are experiencing similarly upsetting feelings. I pray you and all those from Fairfax find comfort today.


  39. Stunned says:

    Whirlwind said, “To the three women…you’ve demonstrated courage where too many men were cowards. You’ve refused to let these men continue to hide in the shadows where they can convince themselves they did their best. I hope you can find some satisfaction in knowing you’ve refused to let their injustice continue without consequence. I pray you will find all the strength and encouragement you need to see this through to the end. And regardless of the outcome, you have done well.”

    Beautiful words, Whirlwind!

  40. Roadwork says:

    Quote from a professional colleague that knows nothing of all this: Definition of a crisis: “the instantaneous end of a delusion”.

  41. Paul says:

    DD: I doubt that this will settle for money with a gag order preventing plaintiffs from discussing what happened. Partly that’s because I think some of the named plaintiffs aren’t in this just for the money: they want the truth exposed to try to prevent what happened to them happening to others. Also, SGM are not microsoft: they are not a deep pocketed respondent. SGM don’t have enough money to buy silence. After all, the Boy Scouts, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Roman Catholic Church all have much more money than SGM and couldn’t buy silence from the plaintiffs in those cases.

  42. A Kindred Spirit says:

    Been missing you, Nickname.

    I’m thanking God for these 3 girls.

    It’s going to be sad and ugly, but unfortunately that’s usually what it takes for God to get people’s attention.

  43. SomewhereinTime says:

    Hey Sovereign Grace Ministries,

    How is that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) working out for you know? Type in “Sovereign Grace Ministries” and the sexual abuse sins that you tried to cover up are the first thing you see on Google!

    Bob Dixon’s prophecy from last year IS coming to pass.

  44. Free to Seek Truth says:

    CJ- How about you spew some more of your law-based statements in front of a judge and jury. You can stand for what you supposedly believe.

    I am sure that stating in court that you are the “worst sinner you know” will go over very well in the chamber, probably give the jury shivers of disgust. You could also talk about how “all you contribute to your relationship with God is your sin”.

    Maybe the plaintiff’s attorney will just replay messages where you so elegantly communicate what a filthy rotten sinner you are and doing much better than you deserve…and “sinning is what sinners do…”

    Then again, maybe the plaintiff’s attorney will unleash your worst nightmare…Brent Detwiler under oath!

  45. Stunned says:


    I am so, so, so sorry that you and your child endured such a horrible thing. I know that this can have life long effects on people. I wish you (or anybody) had never gone through such a thing. I can understand why you couldn’t even finish the article.

    May I encourage you to add your voice to the lawsuit? I know that you think what you went through was not as bad as these girls, but it may help the lawyer to read another story or to be contacted just to say that you, too, experienced the twisted counsel and received the same kind of harsh treatment. I know you and others may not think it’s a big deal, but, please, consider contacting the lawyer, Susan Burke and sharing what you experienced. If you feel too shy to contact her directly, you can send it to me at and I will forward it to her. Maybe if you don’t want your identity to be known, there may be some value in her having other testimonies, anyway.

  46. Lee says:

    Another Voice @ 27,

    Thanks for the Peter Smith article. He seems to be very good at reporting accurately and fairly. He seems to have a good grasp of what is going on.

  47. CLCya says:

    Anon – I agree with Stunned. Please, please, please, consider contacting the lawyer. The more people step forward, the stronger the case. I’ll be praying.

  48. Keepinstep says:

    So many pleas and prayers for honesty and openness. So many refusals and denials.

    So much time spent driving to Capitol Hill Baptist and Solid Rock, not to the homes of those grievously injured by your policies and decisions.

    “It is hard to kick against the goads.”