Dave Harvey Departs Covenant Fellowship Church

It was announced at a members’ meeting yesterday that Dave Harvey, longtime pastor and Sovereign Grace Ministries leader, resigned effective March 15.  Reasons cited for the departure included family issues and allusions to other problems.

Members were asked not to talk about the situation.

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  • Argus

    From Footnote 3, bottom of pg. 5 of Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Defendants’ Motions Alleging Pleading Failure:

    Plaintiffs are going to be amending the FAC to add more parties, one of whom alleges Defendant John Loftness physically and sexually abused her as a child.

    This uses the pronoun “her,” so this plaintiff is a female, presumably now grown but abused as a child.

    Could this be in connection with corporal punishment at the school? Was Loftness a principal there? Did he spank bare bottoms?

  • Stunned

    radically saved, I loved your whole post, especially the ending, pointing us to God!

    In your first line you said, “Absolutely incredible that John Loftness has been accused of sexually abusing a young girl.”

    Does the lawsuit specifically state that this was a girl? I didn’t notice that. Sometimes we assume sexual abuse victims to be female when there are, also, millions of men who have been sexually abused by both genders.

  • A Kindred Spirit

    We serve an amazing God, and He is not impressed with the buildings, the RBD’s, the accolades, the long standing ovations, He will tear it all down to defend the abused. I love Him!

    Amen, Radically Saved!

  • Uriah

    Here is a prophetic snippet from the prophet Micah that I believe captures the heart of God for SGM’s errant doctrine, abusive culture, and pervasive hypocrisy.

    I advise those who remain in an SGM church to either challenge the ongoing spiritual abuse and heretical content found in SGM’s polity and membership agreement or leave. On second thought, perhaps you should do both. Remember, contrary to what SGM teaches, God holds leaders accountable to the body of Christ as a whole (the entire local church). Do not be duped into believing that just because your leaders insist on and assure you, they are accountable to other leaders that this relieves you of your responsibility as a member in your particular church. This is part of the huge deception that has been propagated by SGM polity and doctrine in order to maintain control and power over you and your church.
    We pray you will not fall prey to such deception and thereby become deceived yourself. Be Bereans! Go before the Lord and ask Him to speak to you regarding the events of the past few years. Do not be distracted or sidetracked, thinking the lawsuit and SGM polity are the primary sin issues God is exposing. Although they are horrendous and absolutely need to be exposed, particularly the issues reflected in the lawsuit, they do not represent the “head of the spring” from which SGM nonsense flows.
    The headwaters that inform nearly all problems in SGM flow from the heretical notion that leaders have authority and control over you as an individual, and by extension, over your church as a local expression of the body of Christ. I believe this is the primary transgression/error God is after and the primary reason why all the various forms of abuse have occurred.

    In essence, SGM has usurped the authority of Jesus Christ, first as represented in the individual believer and second as Christ’s authority is manifested in His body, the church. This is very serious.
    Unfortunately, to date, SGM has not repented of this grave error. They continue to move the furniture around on the deck of the Titanic and revise their polity and membership agreements ad nauseum. However, they refuse to humble themselves. Therefore, God in His mercy and kindness is humbling them.

    Remaining members of SGM….. wake up! Be the church, which is the body of Christ! Exercise your responsibility as a member in your local body. Insist on questions being answered and a healthy dialogue taking place in a public forum. Meeting with you individually is yet another means of controlling you and the discussion. It is important for you as a member to know what your other brothers and sisters are thinking and hearing from God. At some point your church should come together to have this discussion.

    Many of us are praying that you will wake from the stupor and deception of SGM. May the Holy Spirit give you eyes to see and ears to hear … what God is saying to you personally and to your church collectively. In the mean time, I believe this is the prophetic word to SGM:

    Micah 3: 9-12
    9 Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacob
    and rulers of the house of Israel,
    who detest justice
    and make crooked all that is straight,
    10 who build Zion with blood
    and Jerusalem with iniquity.
    11 Its heads give judgment for a bribe;
    its priests teach for a price;
    its prophets practice divination for money;
    yet they lean on the Lord and say,
    “Is not the Lord in the midst of us?
    No disaster shall come upon us.”
    12 Therefore because of you
    Zion shall be plowed as a field;
    Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins,
    and the mountain of the house a wooded height.

  • A Kindred Spirit

    I saw that, too, Argus.

  • radicallysaved

    Absolutely incredible that John Loftness has been accused of sexually abusing a young girl. And that more CLC pastors/teachers have yet to be named as they are under criminal investigation. If all this is true, no wonder why CLC pastors were shrouded in secrecy, and that ordinary members were second class citizens and unable to bring reproof, or even questions, to the pastoral staff. The hypocrisy and double standards at CLC/SGM are breathtaking. Bridget wonders if the wifes are being kept in the dark, well it appears that most of SGM churches and lay people are certainly being kept in the dark. But God will expose all. ex-CLCers’s story rippe dat my heart when I first discovered this blog…..the annual letters that were never responded to. the fact that God is looking out for the least of us, and will tear down this entire corrupt system, after God giving Loftness, Ricucci and CJ man, many chances to repent,well it both makes me love God and Fear Him all the more! We serve an amazing God, and He is not impressed with the buildings, the RBD’s, the accolades, the long standing ovations, He will tear it all down to defend the abused. I love Him!

  • Argus

    Oh my gosh! That post of Brent’s discussing the plaintiffs’ response to the defendants’ motion to dismiss! It just gets sicker and sicker as more is revealed. How bad will it be for SGM when all is out in the open?

    This bombshell about Loftness, if true, is horrific. Evidence needs to be brought, of course, but it sure would explain a lot. Maybe his own lack of insight into the damage and suffering of victims and his own sympathy with the ‘weaknesses’ and ‘failings’ of the perpetrators? Messed up leaders unfit to lead, using ‘grace’ as a cover for their own sins and then extending the favor to others to soothe their own guilty consciences?

    Back in the shepherding movement days, which had a big influence on SGM, the big names (Ft. Lauderdale bunch) used to say things like, ‘The spirit of the shepherd becomes the spirit of the sheep’ and ‘Like shepherd, like sheep’ meaning who the leader is, even in his hidden inner nature, is somehow transmitted to his followers. Maybe they were onto something. Bad root, bad fruit. How much warped dysfunction is built into the DNA of SGM?

    Paul, you are right about the instability of ‘constant change is here to stay.’ SGM has been tossed around by every wind of doctrine from its beginning. Truth is, none of those guys had any business being leaders. They were spiritual novices, all of them, and most hadn’t figured out their own lives yet. They were messed up kids from messed up backgrounds, full of zeal without wisdom or experience. They started out UNqualified and now they have made themselves DISqualified.

    I am so glad I got my wife and kids out of there! Wish we’d done it sooner.

    Also, does anyone read that post as Detwiler being actively involved in evidence for the plaintiffs? (See Point #2 under the Jurisdiction argument.)

  • Bridget

    Over the past few weeks I have checked in at Girltalk to see what they are blogging about. Many of their posts have been about the importance of the Sunday sermon and hearing the preached word (debatable). It seems to me that they are living in some alternative world at the moment. They don’t even mention praying for their family. I’m beginning to wonder if they are even aware of the charges that their father and other (former) SGM leaders are facing. Seriously, have they read any of the court documents? Are their husbands keeping them uninformed about reality?