KingsWay Pastor Convicted of Solicitation of Prostitution

August 12, 2015 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Awhile back, it was announced that Gene Emerson, senior pastor at KingsWay Community Church in Midlothian, Virginia, would be taking a sabbatical due to burnout. More recently, Matthew Williams explained that Mr. Emerson would actually be stepping down due to the fact that he had been convicted of soliciting a prostitute. Mr. Williams made the following remarks about the situation:

Last month, Gene was found guilty in Chesterfield County Court of soliciting a prostitute. To this day, he continues to maintain that he is innocent of any illicit activity, though he has humbly acknowledged a significant lapse in judgement regarding his conduct throughout the situation. While we respect the courts as an authority established by God, we know they are not perfect. And in light of his claim of innocence, we support his right to consider taking further legal action.

You can read a more complete statement here, where you can also access an audio recording of Matthew Williams’ talk.

Happy Easter 2015

April 5, 2015 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

He is Risen!

Free Discussion

September 19, 2014 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Guy tells me that the previous post was simply overloaded with comments, so let’s start a new one.

Feel free to post anything related to Sovereign Grace Ministries…or, tell us a bit about your SGM experience. What attracted you to SGM? How long were you part of SGM? Are you still part of SGM, or did you leave? If so, what made you decide to leave?

Or, if you were never part of SGM but are now interested in this discussion, what is it that you find interesting?