Sovereign Grace…Uncensored

November 22, 2007 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Awhile back, I was doing some research about a new church that my family and I had been visiting.  I wanted to find out more about this “group of churches functioning under the umbrella of Sovereign Grace Ministries,” as the pastor always called it.

All I could find out there were glowing tributes to this relatively new little denomination. 

Except for one blog, where someone had posted a lengthy comment that gave more details about the church’s history…before it changed its name, before it had burst on the scene with its instant and intense credibility.

I found that one blog comment to be immensely helpful.  It had the ring of truth, especially because I remember that its original author had posted under his real name, with his real email address.

This blog comment also seemed to explain a lot of trends that I was seeing in our own SG church…things that weren’t “wrong” or “unscriptural,” but just stuff that was…unlike any other church that I’d ever been a part of.  Sovereign Grace churches definitely have their own church culture.

Months passed, and ultimately, we left the SG church.  Because we’d gone back and forth in our thinking for so long, trying to figure out if this church was for us, trying to deal with things that vaguely troubled us but were difficult to pinpoint, I decided to return to that old blog and post a comment that told the story of our own experience with Sovereign Grace.  I figured that it might be helpful to someone who was in the same place where we’d been. 

I wasn’t even sure that anyone would ever see what I’d written, because the blog entry was old and it was impossible to tell how long ago the last comment had been posted.  But I put it up anyway.  And within just a day or two, someone had anonymously posted a response. 

This person (the one who replied to my post) had obviously had a radically different (more negative) experience with SG than I’d had, and their comments reflected that.  I don’t particularly have anything against Sovereign Grace Ministries…when this person tried to claim that SG was a mind-controlling cult, I objected and defended what we’d seen in our church, at least.

I thought perhaps the dialogue was done.  Again – it was an old blog post, probably two years old.  But when I glanced at the “comments” section again earlier today, I noticed that “Anonymous” had posted another diatribe.  In this one, he/she actually named a pastor’s name.

I asked “Anonymous” to clarify his/her story…to support the story with a few more details of what he/she had felt that they’d suffered at the hands of this pastor.  I wondered what they’d say.

Well, when I checked back about an hour ago, I discovered that this old blog posting had been scrubbed.  The whole thing, including those very helpful comments about SG’s early years, was just GONE.

I want to be clear about something:  I don’t really have anything against Sovereign Grace Ministries.  But I have noticed a disturbing trend of stifling all opposing points of view.  So that’s why this site is here.

You see, I happened to copy and paste that original comment into an email awhile back.  I happen to still have that email, and since I found that comment to be helpful, I’m going to re-post it here.  I’ll also tell my own story.  Anyone who wants to comment may also do so.  Nothing’s gonna get scrubbed here.

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