Why this site is here

November 23, 2007 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Please understand – we have no ax to grind with Sovereign Grace Ministries.  We met some lovely, loving Christian people there who were very kind to us.  We believe that as they exist on paper, SG’s doctrines are very orthodox, very sound.

That being said, however…

Selecting (or being led by the Lord to) a church home is a very important process, probably THE most significant decision that a Christian can make for his walk with the Lord.  As we were contemplating joining a Sovereign Grace church, we looked far and wide for information to help guide us.  And what we found is that really, there is very little out there, aside from glowing reviews of C.J. Mahaney’s books, certain well-known SG-sponsored conferences, and lots of blog entries about how wonderful Mahaney, Josh Harris, and other SG leaders are.

All of that is fine, but we were still left with lots of questions.  Where did Sovereign Grace come from?  Why did it used to be called “PDI”?  Why did so many SG people favor homeschooling and courtship?  How would we fit in if we did not believe we should do those things with our children?

We wished we could talk to people who had had questions about SG.  We wished we could hear more than just one side, the glossy and positive side.  After all, no church organization this side of heaven could possibly be as “perfect” as all our SG friends seemed to think SG is!  Why wasn’t there any other information available on the web?

That’s why this site is here.  Not because we have anything troubling or disturbing or “sinful” or “unbiblical” to report about SG.  But because perhaps you’re like us, stumbling into an SG church with zero knowledge of how they came to be Reformed, what their church culture is like, who C.J. Mahaney is, or how they navigated through a series of name changes.  Perhaps as you read our observations, they will make you more confident that SG is the church for you and your family.  If so – we praise God, because we genuinely believe that you’ll be well-fed and blessed there.

But in case you are like us, where you’re sensing that you just don’t quite fit in, but you can’t figure out why – well, perhaps our story will help you to know that it’s not just you.  You’re not alone.  Sovereign Grace IS different from other churches.  Maybe our descriptions will help you make sense of what you’re seeing.

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