SGM/PDI – part of the shepherding movement?

November 25, 2007 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Something I’d be interested to learn more about is PDI’s involvement with the “shepherding” movement.

It was briefly alluded to in the original comment from the old blog, but otherwise, I’ve never found anything else about it.  Was PDI involved in the “shepherding” movement?  If so, when, and for how long?  And, if so, how did they recognize the error?  How did they correct themselves?

Again, the purpose of these questions is NOT to “dig up dirt” on Sovereign Grace Ministries!  However, if SGM did indeed journey through shepherding and by God’s grace escape essentially unscathed, it would be instructive for them to share this bit of their history.  If anything, it would only give God glory and prove that His hand has been mightily upon Sovereign Grace, that He protected them in such a way.

However, not owning up to this period of their history – if it actually did exist – seems less than forthcoming.

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