December 30, 2007 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

First of all, this isn’t Krismum7…it’s the Guy behind the scenes – Krismum’s husband.

I’ve been reading with great interest from a few folks regarding the whole anonymity issue.  Along with a few “warnings” that the “higher ups” at SGM know about this site and will be coming full force.  Great.  That should prove a point.

First of all, this site was put up to deal with real issues from real people.  Never intended to slam anyone, insult, or spread falsehoods.  To date, this has held true. 

The fact that there are people that have been hurt deeply by the teachings of SGM, whether from the pulpit, or from books, handouts, etc. proves that this resource needs to be here, and will continue to be here.  However, we won’t put up with threats, personal attacks, or anything that has to do with hearsay.  Threaten me.  I’ll post it for the world to see.  Attack me.  They’ll see that too.  Do it anonymously.  I really don’t care.

There are a lot of people that believe that homeschooling is the best way to teach their children.  That’s great.  Keep doing it.  Don’t agree with homeschooling? That’s OK, too.  Disagree with either position. 

There are a lot of people that think courtship is the only way to build a Godly relationship.  Wonderful.  Keep doing that too.  Think it’s goofy?  C’est la vie.  Speak your mind. 

However, keep your vision broad.  If everything you do has to be in the Bible, then be careful.  When was the last time you passed a blind person, spit in the dirt to make a little mud, and then placed it on their eyes?  I’m guessing never.  Does that make you “less than Godly”?  I don’t think so. 

Jesus himself dealt in anonymity.  How many Bible stories can you recall when he told someone, “Don’t tell anyone” and then he went away quietly? Luke 9:21 – “Jesus strictly warned them not to tell this to anyone.” Hmmm…that’s interesting.  Jesus even told his mother at the wedding,  “Dear woman, why do you involve me?”  Jesus replied, “My time has not yet come.”  (John 2:4) Sounds like he wanted to remain anonymous to me.

Sounds like anonymity isn’t respected in some circles.  Sounds to me like somebody would say that if you’re anonymous, you are in sin by not submitting to some authority somewhere.  If you’re anonymous, you’re hard to control.  If you’re anonymous, you can’t be “disciplined.” 

For all of you posters here at Sovereign Grace Uncensored – Be anonymous…you’re safe here.

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