When SGM Works…

January 8, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

I was thinking last night that I really need to write a post about the majority of the SGM folks.  They are the ones for whom the system WORKS…the ones who, if they were to stumble across this site (and violate their consciences enough to spend any time reading the “gossip” here ;-) ), simply would not understand what we were talking about.

In fact, the other day, I posted this comment in one of the ongoing conversations on the site:

Another thing that floated into my thoughts last night, right before I fell asleep, was that SGM’s rather narrow definition of what a “Christian” looks like DOES work well for many people. They are the ones who would read the stuff here and be absolutely appalled and unable to “get it.” They’re the Homeschooling Hannahs (as username deleted would say -) ), or the Courtship Courtneys, or the types who are already exactly like the Mahaneys.

In fact, back in the days of my desperate internet searching for information about SGM, I stumbled across many blogs written by SG folks, particularly women. And the one thing that struck me was, all the women looked EXACTLY THE SAME. They all had glossy, straight, chin-or-shoulder-length hair, sort of parted in the middle or slightly to the side, with maybe some layers and no bangs. Lots of their photos showed them dressed in cute, stylish denim…with every cotton item crisply ironed. They all had that well-scrubbed but slightly made-up face, and their eyes all sparkled joyfully. Their husbands looked like they’d stepped out of a J. Crew catalog, and their children were all adorable.

They were all obviously very happy and satisfied with their SGM experience. Many of them told stories of how they’d found their husbands, and they obviously didn’t even know how anachronistic and oddly robotic their use of the word “courtship” would appear to an outsider…

I’d read the words they’d written, look at their pictures, and think, “Wow, I want to be just like that!”

So it’s my theory that if you’re a certain, very particular, type of individual, you’ll meld right into SGM culture with nary a backward glance. You’ll be happy there, and you’ll never encounter any of the troubles that folks here have described, simply because you’re already so much like your authorities, and think so much along the same lines as your authorities, that you’d never have reason to bump up against charges of “unsubmission.”

Likewise if you grew up in an SGM home that was happy about the church and church culture.

But if you’re someone – particularly a woman – who deviates from this norm…or if you’re someone who naturally asks a lot of questions or has an analytical turn of mind…or if you’re someone (like me) who came into SGM with knowledge of more “mainstream” Christianity and had already experienced a healthy church environment that did NOT involve “accountability” relationships and “authorities” who want to stick their nose in all your business…

Well, if you’re someone like that, you’ll probably find that fitting in isn’t quite so easy. In fact, it may be downright impossible.

If you’re reading here, and you’re one of those people for whom SGM works, here’s some food for thought: 

If the “Gospel” you believe in only works well for a certain segment of society, then perhaps it’s not the Gospel of the Bible?

Even though it IS the Gospel of Christ’s work on the cross, perhaps it’s also something more?  “Christ plus Care group”?  “Christ plus homeschooling”?  “Christ plus courtship”?  “Christ plus accountability relationships”?  “Christ plus [fill in the blank with any other manmade system]”?

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