Sinner? Listen Up!

February 2, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

My sister and I were having a conversation this morning, and she said something that I thought was interesting. She remarked about SG people’s tendency to talk a LOT about their sinfulness, and how some of them here have seemed to do so in a way that sounds abnormal.

She said that when some of the commenters have referred to their own sinfulness, it’s done in such an automatic way, glibly, yet with something artificial and a little robotic. There’s also almost a grim pride in these statements about their sinfulness, like it’s practically a badge of honor to say they’re more sinful than the next person.

Yet who truly believes this? Honestly?

It’s all fine in theory. But if – God forbid – you were sitting in the same room with your child’s murderer, would you still honestly believe that you were “the worst sinner you knew”?

I don’t think so!

You might “know” it in theory, but you wouldn’t actually “know” this in reality, in your emotions, in your deepest heart beliefs!

As my sister and I visited this morning, and as she shared her observations about the “sin-speak” and how mind-numbingly meaningless it was after awhile, I also got to thinking about another interesting little nugget. And that is, the hypocrisy of the “sin-speak” has been evident in the tone that many SG defenders have exhibited when they’ve taken me to task for this blog.

In previous times, before the “Before You Post” sidebar was put up, it was fairly common for people to sail in and begin telling me how I was guilty of the sin of gossip, for instance. I would present my case for this blog, and they often would reply even more vehemently, continuing to point to my sin.

Interestingly enough, although I’m sure they would all CLAIM to believe in their own status as “the worst of sinners,” the vibe some of these folks gave off as we dialogued was NOTHING that would reflect that they genuinely believed that their sins were worse than my sin of anonymous blogging (or whatever my “sin du jour” was). NOT ONE of them ever said anything meaningful to me about their own sinfulness, like, “Kris, even though I personally struggle with the sin of lying, I am concerned that you are gossiping.”

So I have to say, I agree with my sister. People’s hyper-awareness of their sinfulness, to the point that they preface everything with a robotic, “My heart is sinful and therefore not to be trusted,” simply cannot make for a healthy Christian life. Even the Apostle Paul made more references to his status as one of the “saints” than he did his sinner status. I mean, he had the gall to tell people to “follow him, even as they follow Christ.” If he honestly believed he was currently the “chief of sinners,” would he be so bold to tell people to follow him? I doubt it.

Anyway, the next time someone spouts off about what an awful sinner they are, I want them to get specific about it. Don’t just pay lip service to your sin. Get honest. If you’re “humble” enough to bring up your sin, then you ought to be humble enough to explain just how you sinned today. Did you yell at your spouse? Feel jealous of a friend’s money? Re-hash a bitter memory in your mind, so as to fuel a grudge? Neglect to feed the poor? Mock someone?

I’m almost (and yes, this is tongue-in-cheek, although I’m halfway wishing I could be serious) wanting to make this another “Rule For Posting” here. Nobody is allowed to mention what a sinner they are unless they care to share their recent and specific sins.

What do y’all think?  :lol:

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