Your Advice For Someone Thinking of SGM…

February 28, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

New commenter “Semper Reformata” posted the following today:

I’m new here, I was directed to this page by someone upon my research on SGM. I have been looking into SGM for quite a while now, praying about whether I want to join an SGM church or not, but this website has brought me some new things to consider. So I’ve been skimming through some posts and comments and will continue to do so.

I’m trying to keep it level and purely unbiased ;) So, is there a thread/post or could you start one that would indicate all the SGM Pro’s if you believe there are any? It would be nice to see from you guys what you think the pro’s are.

My personal experience is limited, I’ve had conversations with pastors and people in the “movement,” I have visited one service once and will again soon. They are not close to where I live at the moment.

Anyway, my background is Calvary Chapel – my issues with Calvary were Leadership structure (too much control for the Sr pastor, lack of accountability – Moses model is what they call their structure) and doctrinal differences in that they are not reformed. I was in leadership with Calvary and sense the Lord’s calling into full time leadership. When I found SGM I was elated, but as I research I hear there are concerns with leadership.

Some of what I’ve read here concerns me, but what advice would you give me? What are some of the pro’s? And can anyone shed more light on why SGM leadership does not work, or direct me to a post/topic that addresses this issue.

So, readers – what’s your advice for Semper Reformata?

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