“Barnabas” (or is it “Barnabasette”?) responds

April 7, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

“Barnabas,” the author of the comment quoted in the previous post, has been in communication with me today. 

(For brevity’s sake, I’ll be using masculine pronouns to refer to Barnabas, but he/she expressed dismay that I originally assumed he/she was a guy simply because he/she posted under a guy’s name.)

Anyway, Barnabas wrote to request that I please remove the post which contained his comment, given the fact that he did not mean it in the way I thought he did.  (After reading the blog site since December, Barnabas claims to have honestly been under the impression that I have somehow, some way – who KNOWS how? – been able to “painstakingly establish the veracity of each story, root out any exageration [sic] or misrepresentation, and allow the other side to respond if they choose.”)

Barnabas’ request for his post’s removal, he says, is motivated purely out of a concern for YOU, my readers – concern for the people who have been hurt by SGM.  After all, since I (he claims) misrepresented and misinterpreted his words, my post only serves to stir up more hurt feelings and negativity toward Sovereign Grace Ministries…which apparently is bad for SGM’s victims.

Quite honestly, I have no idea what to make of Barnabas’ emails today.  I remain convinced that there is simply no possible way that any moderately intelligent longtime reader of the site could honestly be under the impressions that Barnabas expressed in his original comment.  Therefore, I still have to conclude that by making the statements he made in the way that he did, Barnabas was trying to convey some other meaning – which I still believe was that I have no right to maintain this site, because it is filled with “unverified” stories and I have not sought out SGM’s “side” of things.

If Barnabas had written and simply leveled with me – if he’d said something like, “Kris, I’m the author of that comment, and I’m really embarrassed that your post has publicized my connection with Sovereign Grace Ministries” – I would have probably done exactly what he asked me to do.  I would have either altered the post to delete SGM’s information, or I might have removed his comment altogether.

But after a few rounds of typical SGM manipulation from Barnabas, I think his comment should remain, with this new post as something of a disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER:  Barnabas was not speaking for Sovereign Grace Ministries in any sort of official capacity.  He also says he wrote that comment COMPLETELY WITHOUT GUILE, fully believing each word that he wrote.  He has great sympathy for those who have been hurt by SGM, and he is very concerned that my misreading of his words will further stir up wrath against SGM.

Uh, yeah.  Whatever.

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