Where’d It Go?

May 22, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Well, the message board (NOTE:  NOT this blog, ONLY the message board) is closed to further comments.  At least for now.

Here is some of my thinking behind this decision (I first posted these thoughts on a thread at the defunct board a few days ago):

If we disable the message board for new comments, we’d still keep the blog, as well as all the blog’s comments, and the message board as it would remain exactly as it was at the time that we’d close it to future conversations.

I hope this clarifies that sgmsurvivors.com would NOT be going away – only the capabilities for private messages and for everybody to initiate conversations. There will still be a place on the internet for people who are trying to search out other information about SGM. I would continue to keep the blog open to comments, just like it’s always been.

Matter of fact, I personally used to enjoy the blog format a whole lot more than I currently find myself liking the message board. I’d thought, when I asked Guy to put up a message board, that doing so would remove a lot of the pressure off of me, to keep monitoring the blog and keep conversations going. I’d thought that all our old users would be thrilled to jump in and initiate interesting discussions about subjects of their own choosing.

Well, neither thing has happened. I’m still regularly getting called upon to intervene in various conversations, and many of our old users felt overwhelmed by the message board format – they have shared with me that they think it’s too much to keep up with. I actually have found that it’s too much for ME to keep up with – which is bad, because when I have to go in and make decisions about different threads, it becomes overwhelming to go back and catch up with all that had been written. It’s actually what’s caused my “SGM overload,” to where I am SO SICK of thinking about that stinkin’ “family of churches” (or whatever other euphemism they’re currently using for their authoritarian denomination).

Anyway – those are just some of my thoughts at the moment.

But to clarify, once again: the site would NOT be going away. There would still be a place on the internet for people to read about SGM’s “other side.” There’d even, on a much smaller scale, still be a place for ex-SGMers (or people with questions) to connect with one another and participate in conversations about SGM. And I probably wouldn’t get rid of any of the threads currently in existence. We’d just close the board to further conversation. Hope that makes sense.

Also, I added the following: 

It’s not just the time I spend policing conversations…it’s also that I’m really feeling as though the message board, with all its threads, has diluted the overall message and purpose of the site.

If what we are wanting to do is warn folks about SGM, then having ten conversations going on at once about matters both small and large is not exactly the best way to do this. Quite often, I also find that a consensus develops in some of these conversations about things that current SGMers (as well as folks who would be attracted to SGM in the first place) would find doctrinally alarming.

If we’re trying to warn SGM folks – either those investigating SGM or those currently involved – about SGM’s dangers, we simply cannot afford to compromise how much we value God’s written Word. If we get into subjective “God told me” this or that garbage, and hold that up as being on par with the Bible, or superior to the Bible, then no good SGMer worth his salt is going to listen to another word we say, “warning” or no “warning,” dramatic exit stories or no dramatic exit stories.

Because that’s one thing you can say for the folks who fancy themselves to be “Reformed” in their theology – they will cling to the written Word above all else. Most of them hold SGM in super-high regard for the “Biblical” stand that SGM takes on things as varied as modesty, schooling, courtship, gender roles, and so forth.

Unless someone stays on top of things and is willing to make the hard decisions (something I myself even often struggle to do, as I chose not to enter the fray with the discussion about marrying a non-believer or kick Dennis out sooner for his divisiveness), the message board is just going to turn people away from the true purpose of the site, which is to let folks know about SGM’s real nature. If anything, conversations where we compromise the Bible so we can all have a big group hug are just going to have the opposite effect. Folks will read here, see the nauseating displays of “unity” at the expense of Truth, and go running for shelter to their SGM authorities, who at least have the guts to stand for something.

I received a private message from some folks who are planning to start an SGM message board of their own, and if/when they do so, I will post a link to it here. 

And of course, if folks wish to, they are free to comment below.  The blog isn’t going away.  Actually, NOTHING is going away, except for the capacity to send and receive private messages and post new comments to the threads on the message board.

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