Sovereign Grace Ministries’ Amazing PR Machine

June 19, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

The other day, in the “comments” section of the post, Is Your Church Free From Cultic Tendencies?, the conversation meandered (as it is often wont to do! :-) ) onto the subject of the Boundless publication and how it seems as of late to be taken over by those with close ties to Sovereign Grace Ministries.  Folks have noticed how Boundless has moved away from including voices representing a broad spectrum of views within Evangelical Christianity and now instead is almost exclusively promoting authors whose views are compatible with SGM’s on subjects like the unthinking, unquestioning acceptance of courtship as “more Godly” than dating, for instance.

This led to several of us wondering how Sovereign Grace Ministries has managed to establish itself as such an utterly respectable “family of churches,” especially since those of us on this site are aware that it does have a “dark side.”  How is it possible that SGM enjoys such a stellar reputation among organizations like Focus On The Family, which supposedly represents ALL Bible-believing Christians and not just those who equate “sharing the Gospel” with “planting SGM churches”? 

I posted the following comment the other day:

Something I’ve always wondered about – and since putting up this site, wonder about a whole lot more – is how SGM has managed to cultivate such a stellar, absolutely positive reputation among other Christian ministries.

When we first stumbled upon our SGM church, and I would notice the little things that struck me as “off,” I always kept coming back to how this or that major ministry seemed to be totally supportive of SGM. I’d come home from church and try to do google searches, but all I’d ever find were glowing things about SGM guys.

All that fawning press had the effect of making me doubt my own senses. Surely all the Reformed Big Dogs could not be wrong! So therefore, I must be the one who was wrong.

I’m not saying that none of the SGM folks are great guys, or that they don’t deserve at least some of the praise they’ve received. I’m not even saying that Focus On The Family, for instance, should have nothing to do with any SGM person.

But it’s almost like I’m living in a parallel universe. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that SGM is sitting on a pile of lives that were wrecked by its authoritarian, graceless, self-righteous practices. Yet all the “significant” voices within the body of Christ haven’t seemed to catch on, or even suspect a thing. How is this possible?

Thoughts, anyone?

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