Reconnected…sort of

July 11, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Although it’s an agonizingly slow dial-up (yet ironically one that is advertised as “high speed”), I am once again able to access the site, read comments, and post intermittently.  I do not have access to my sgmsurvivors email, however.  If you’ve sent me a story or an email, it’d be great if you could forward a copy to my other email address, which is krismum7ATgmailDOTcom.

I just finished going through all the comments of the past several days.  I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all our new posters – it’s great to have you!  :-) 

And to all you regulars – I just love the ebb and flow of the talk that goes on here, including the humor. 

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