More on SGM’s “Perfect Storm”

August 1, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Reader “Concerned” posted the following comment, which I thought was so excellent that I wanted it to get the attention it deserves, rather than be buried under 214 other remarks:

My personal opinion – It seems the chameleon, Sovereign Grace, finds whatever is useful in envagelicalism that fits their overall strategy of having an empire the leaders can ultimately control and profit from. I’ve always wondered why SGM seemed to always be in a state of flux and why the hodge-podge of viewpoints and beliefs?

It is the perfect “spiritual storm” for us sheep who end up abused and battered as a result, and the perfect masterpiece for them: Calvinism which allows for the doctrine of indwelling sin to go unchecked for the most part, charismatic to allow for prophetic words and other “giftings” to be used as forms of manipulation and to spice up the “deadness” that inevitably results from the legalism, homeschooling and in some cases “colonization” to encourage legalism and isolation which in turn enables leaders to better control you, and finally, a non-congregational form of church government to ensure the sheep can’t/don’t think for themselves.  Everything seems to point to the ultimate goal: power by the shepherds to control the sheep.

I don’t see any other denomination or ministry with quite this mix, but what do I know…I’m just a battered sheep limping back to the Real Shepherd.

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