Share your story here…and some info for those who use the “contact” form

September 6, 2008 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Hi, everybody.

The “contact” form, which Guy so kindly installed awhile back, is great for those who would like to write me anonymously.  There’s one tiny little problem, though – apparently, there is no formal place for people to put a return email address.  So if you ask me a question via the “contact” form and you don’t think to include your own email, I have absolutely no way of writing you back. 

This morning I received a message through this “contact” thing, where a person asked me what the best way would be for her to share her SGM story.  This post is for her, and for all the rest of you who would like to tell your SGM stories.  Click on the area right below the title of this post, where it either says “no comments,” or else shows how many comments have already been left.  That will take you to where people have commented.  If you scroll to the end of the comments that have been left, there will be a place where you can add your own comment.  This is where you’d post your story.  Because there’s always the chance that your comment could fail to post, I’d recommend that you write it in a Word document and then copy and paste it over into the comment box, if it’s something you’ve had to spend some time writing.

You do NOT have to “register” to post a comment.  You do NOT have to use your real name.  I would actually recommend NOT using your real (or full) name on any blog site, purely for your own security purposes.  But, if you’re dead set on posting under your full real name, of course you’re welcome to do so.

So, either fill in the “name” blank with your real name, or else type in a “handle.”  Most people here have given themselves “handles,” or nicknames.  I think it’s helpful to everybody if you choose a handle that’s unique. 

The blank that says “website” is where you can put in your own website address, in case you yourself have a blog or site that you’d like people to be able to access.  This is purely optional, however!  Feel free to leave it blank if you don’t have your own site or if you don’t wish to link to your site from this blog.

We do ask that you provide us an email address.  But Guy and I are the only people with access to your email address – it will not appear anywhere with your comment.

Once you type your comment (story) in the “comment” box and click “submit,” your comment will go into the moderation queue, if it is the first time you’ve posted here.  Typically, either Guy or I check the moderation queue pretty frequently, and as soon as we see your comment, we’ll clear it to appear on the site.  Once you’ve had one comment approved in this manner, all future comments that you leave will appear immediately after you submit them.

I hope this is helpful! 

And to all of you who are longtime commenters here, it might be helpful to the newcomers for you to share your own stories again here, in this post.  You can either write your story again, or you can copy and paste it from wherever it appeared initially.

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