These Walls Have Ears?

January 18, 2009 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

A few days ago, I was accused of being a “conspiracy theorist.”  I thought that was pretty funny, because I get all kinds of crazy email in which people will often suggest the most outlandish things.  Typically, I don’t take the more sensational suggestions seriously.

So…no “conspiracy theories” over here.  At least, not usually.

Something that came up awhile back – something that, because I am NOT a “conspiracy theorist,” I wrote off as just the overly suspicious musings of someone who’d been badly hurt by his Sovereign Grace Ministries church – was the notion that SGM pastors record the conversations that they have with their parishioners, and that some meeting rooms and/or church offices within some SGM facilities actually have recording devices built into them.

Now, initially, like I said, I thought this was utterly crazy.  While I definitely believe that SGM leaders would do well to ask themselves some hard questions – questions about their church polity, and about their views on things like the mental health profession, and about whether or not they’ve truly given up the practice of “shepherding,” for instance – I have a really difficult time believing that SGM pastors are making audio recordings of their conversations.

And yet…

Well, recently, the subject came up again in the “comments” thread from the previous post.  And then someone sent me a snippet of an email that had been received from someone (a person who, I believe, is currently on SGM’s payroll) who reported positively “knowing” that some of the things shared here on this site were inaccurate, because he’d had access to the “transcripts of conversations” between the SGM member and his/her SGM pastors, and the SGM member sharing his/her story on this blog had relayed false information, based upon a comparison with the “transcript” to which this SGM staff person had access.

So now I’m really curious.  Would anyone like to share what they know about SGM’s views on record keeping?  Could the “transcript” that the SGM staff person referenced in his email possibly refer merely to the copious notes taken and kept on all SGM members?  If so, do the members get to sign off on the accuracy of these notes before they are placed in the members’ files?

Or do some of the walls in some SGM facilities really do have ears?

It gets curiouser and curiouser, as they say…

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