Person A, Person B, and Pastor X

February 16, 2009 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Here’s another thing I don’t get:

Person A (an ex-SGMer) has established in his own mind that Pastor X is not trustworthy and that for whatever reason (intentionally or unintentionally) Pastor X has engaged in abusive, manipulative behavior toward people in his congregation.

Person A is concerned about this and is so convinced of its truth that Person A decides to post his story on the blog, to warn others to watch out in their dealings with Pastor X.

Person B comes along. Person B loves Pastor X and cannot imagine that Pastor X could ever engage in such abusive behavior.

So Person B tells Person A, “You just need to go to Pastor X and tell him how you feel.”

What Person B does not comprehend is that Person A does not share B’s opinion of Pastor X’s reliability and authority. Pastor X could talk till he’s blue in the face about something, and Person A really wouldn’t care, because Person A has decided that Pastor X is abusive and manipulative and NOT trustworthy.

That’s what Person B simply is not able to comprehend. Person A does not think of Pastor X in the same way that you do. Person A has come to understand Pastor X as NOT trustworthy. Person A approaches Pastor X with completely different assumptions about him than Person B does.

Why do all the “Person B’s” out there insist that all the “Person A’s” have to set aside their own hard-earned insights into Pastor X and believe what Person B believes about Pastor X?

Why do all the “Person B’s” insist that only THEY and THEIR understanding of Pastor X are correct?

Why don’t the “Person B’s” who post here understand how really irritating it is when they come around and suggest that all Person A needs to do is “just go to Pastor X and talk to him”? Why can’t they GET that Person A has ALREADY DONE THIS and has discovered that Pastor X is not reliable?

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