The Awareness Test

March 14, 2009 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

So many former SGMers have shared with me that during the time they spent in their SGM churches, they NEVER saw the problems that have been discussed on this site…till one day, when something happened to them.  And then they saw EVERYTHING.

Lots of these folks have talked about this process in terms of having the “scales drop off their eyes.”  One person even described his realizations about SGM as being similar to looking “into” one of those 3-D posters from the 90s, where suddenly you are able to see the hidden image.

Recently, reader and commenter username deleted shared this with us:

…When I saw what was going on, the first thing that changed was it was impossible for me to sing along with them.  All I could do was look around and wonder why I hadn’t seen it sooner.  Watch this video:

username deleted continues:

It’s astonishing how easily we can allow things that are dangerous to sneak right into the middle of our religious lives.  SGM trains you to keep your eye on the players in white so that you never see the beast in the middle of everything.  If you notice the bear, you are to blame for not seeing things correctly!  Keep your eye on the SGM ball, please.  It’s gossip to mention the bear!

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