Is Assurance of Salvation Possible For Minors Within SGM?

August 8, 2009 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

This morning, a very thought-provoking message was waiting for me in my “in” box.  I immediately responded, but unfortunately, my response was returned as “undeliverable,” because the person must have mistyped her email address when using the “contact Kris” form.

I don’t typically do this, but I’m going to post this person’s question, modified slightly to preserve her anonymity.  Here goes:


I haven’t been on here in awhile, but reading some of your posts regarding the patriarchal aspect of SGM reminded me of another issue that I have yet to see you discuss, and that is the “salvation of children”.  There seems to be a reluctance among the leadership, and therefore the members, to give a minor child any “hope” that they might be saved unless there is clear evidence and fruit of a godly life.  Parents are basically encouraged to be “suspect” of their child’s salvation.  My husband has been greatly influenced by this trend (I don’t know what else to call it) to the point where it has taken him years to decide whether my son can be baptized.  Our son has been asking us for a long time if he can be, and wonders why his father doesn’t believe he is saved.  He can very clearly articulate the gospel, and I have seen fruit in his life; but my husband is very concerned about ongoing sin issues.  I have told him that there really is no prerequisite in scripture for baptism (in other words a waiting period) and that many people were worshipping idols the same day they were baptized.  They simply “believed and were baptized”.  This is not like receiving communion (another thing that parents are strongly cautioned against letting their children participate in), but my husband has been affected by the views of the other men in the church, many of whom have not let their children get baptized for the above-mentioned reasons.  I just wondered if any of your readers have commented on this.

OK, readers – have at it.  Let’s hear some input on this one.  While I’m sure there’s no official SGM policy nailed down in writing about this subject, have any of you noticed a reluctance to believe that a child can be “truly” saved?

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