Some “Wow” Words

December 14, 2009 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Sometimes our commenters will say things that are so full of wisdom that they take my breath away.  I had one of those, “Wow – that’s deep!” moments when I read the following, contributed by 5YearsInPDI:

You are not out of the cult until it is more important to you to see the victims healed of hurt, than to see the abusers shielded from the possibility of hurt feelings.  That includes you who are a victim, and that includes abusers who happen to be parents, not just church leaders.

IF they have TRULY repented with great contrition and remorse, and apologized, and sought to make restitution, you won’t even need to talk about it.

There is a place to not allow a root of bitterness to grow, a place to keep silent and entrust yourself to God who will bring justice oneday.  There is also a place to do anything you can to help comfort and protect others from abuse.  It may be hard to tell what is motivating a person who does speak up, and getting good counsel is often necessary for them.  It is easy to be unforgiving.

But let me say it again……if you are worried about not hurting the feelings of an abuser, you are still under their control.  And if somebody is worried more about the feelings of an abusive parent than they are about the damaged child, they are still in the cult.

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