So, Have You Gotten Yours Yet?

November 30, 2010 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Your invitation, that is.  To Josh Harris’ house.

If you were among the chosen at Covenant Life Church, here is the invite you would have received today:

Dear Friends, 

I hope this note finds you well. I’m writing to invite you to a gathering we’re having at my house with other members of the church. As I mentioned at the recent Members Meeting, the pastors and I are seeking feedback from the church about changes that have occurred over the years in our pastoral leadership and the emphasis of teaching (or the way this teaching was unhelpfully applied). We’re trying to discern where change is the result of normal and healthy growth in maturity and where we got things wrong in the past and need to acknowledge that for the good of people who were done a disservice by our leadership. 

Would you be willing to help us? 

You’re receiving this invitation for one or more of the following reasons a) you’ve been around awhile! b) you have already expressed a desire to participate in this process, or c) one of the pastors suggested that you might have valuable perspective. You may or may not have concerns about pastoral practices in the past. Please don’t feel any obligation to participate in this discussion. But if you have experiences or insights that could help your pastors serve this church better in the future, we would be deeply grateful for your involvement. 

I will be hosting meetings at my house from 7:30-10:00 (or so!) on two different dates: Friday, December 17 and Thursday, January 27. We only need you to participate in one of the nights. Because we can’t fit everyone at both meetings we just ask that you RSVP which night works for you. We’ll take the first 40 people that get back to use for each night and then ask others to attend the other date. If we cannot include everyone in these two meetings we will be happy to put some additional dates on the calendar. 

The format of the night will be pretty simple. Several of the pastors and I will be there with one goal: to listen, ask questions and learn. At the Members Meeting this spring we plan to share with the church all that we have learned from this process. 

If you can attend one or the other of these meetings, please RSVP to my assistant, Katherine Martin, at so that we can be sure to have enough snacks. And if you know of others who might want to participate in this meeting, please send Katherine that name and we will be glad to invite them (or include them in a future meeting). 

Thanks for your love for your Savior, for this church, and for your pastors. We are humbled by your support and earnestly committed to caring for you in a way that reflects and honors the Great Shepherd. 

Joshua Harris

Thoughts, anyone?

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