Despite Apology, Josh Harris Releasing “Boy Meets Girl” Again

June 27, 2011 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

So, the other day, Josh Harris announced that his publisher is re-releasing Boy Meets GirlOn his blog, he sought reader input for which cover he should choose for the new version.

Apparently, this new version will also be edited to remove some of the stories Josh Harris used as anecdotal evidence for how well courtship works…since at least two of the featured couples have either divorced or are in the process of divorcing.

Considering how many problems have arisen out of the courtship system Josh Harris advocates in Boy Meets Girl, and considering how he recently stood up in front of Covenant Life Church and quasi-apologized for helping to create an environment where godly living was “reduced to one practice,” it’s rather interesting that this book is being re-published so it can influence another generation of young people.  Josh Harris even acknowledged in his apology that the “ideas in my [Josh’s] books” were one of the false standards used in “reducing to one practice.”

It seems like in addition to editing out the now-unsuccessful courtship stories, Josh Harris’ publishers would do well to add some sort of disclaimer about the pitfalls of practicing courtship as it is promoted in Boy Meets Girl.  That might be a better use of their time and energy, instead of worrying about whether or not to depict hand-holding on the new cover.

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