Some First Impressions of Josh Harris’ July 10 Sunday Morning Message To Covenant Life Church

July 10, 2011 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Guy and I have just about finished listening to the message Josh Harris gave to CLC this morning.

We thought he did a great job of acknowledging issues openly. He certainly said more, admitted more, than any leader ever has before.

But we were really disappointed that in his focus on “the Lord’s discipline,” he made several references to the enemies of Israel, and how God used “even the ungodly nations” to bring chastisement to His people.

Perhaps Josh Harris did not mean it this way, but I resent the implication that “the blogs” are being run by “ungodly” people…that “the blogs” are some sort of “ungodly” tool that God is using to discipline SGM because He loves them so much.

I also found it difficult to sit through the part where Josh addresses Brent Detwiler’s documents. He states several times that while the documents do “contain true truths,” the documents do not present the “total” truth…and that “all historians have biases.”

I think it’s a cheap shot at Mr. Detwiler, to try to act like his presentation of CJ’s own emails could somehow contain Brent’s biases. I mean – really?

Again, I think it’s wonderful that Josh Harris stood up in front of his church and admitted that specific problems exist.

But did he have to try and get in his digs at Mr. Detwiler’s documents and “the blogs,” by calling into question the documents’ “bias” and insinuating that “the blogs” are little more than some pagan instruments (like the Philistines)?

That disappoints me. Greatly.

Josh Harris, we are your brothers and sisters in the Lord. We have been here, providing an open forum for the victims of your corrupt system, showing them the love of Jesus and trying to speak the truth. We’re NOT the “Assyrians” or the “Philistines.” We’re not some ugly ungodly pagans. To try and act like SGM is akin to God’s chosen people while SGM’s critics are unholy gentiles is a blot on what otherwise could have been a bold statement of true humility.


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