September 27, 2011 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

I was thinking it might be interesting for us to share the questions that we would like to ask the leaders of Sovereign Grace Ministries.  To start us off, here are a few that have come up in the comments lately:

  • Why have SGM leaders accused Brent Detwiler of “slander”?  If Brent has shared untrue information – for instance, if C.J. Mahaney did not actually write all the emails that Brent quotes in his documents – why not just demonstrate that Brent’s info is false, thereby validating the charges of “slander”?
  • Why is C.J. Mahaney attending a non-SGM church these days?  Since submission and obedience to one’s pastor is such a hallmark of the SGM way of doing church, who is C.J. Mahaney’s pastor?  Is it still Josh Harris, or has C.J. moved on to Mark Dever?  If C.J. now considers Mark Dever his pastor, why is that?  Is there no man within the Sovereign Grace family of churches who could have filled that role for C.J. and worked with C.J. on his submission and obedience?  If not, why not?  Why would C.J. feel the need to seek a pastor outside of the organization he is still being paid to lead?
  • What comprises a quiet “season of reflection”?  Is preaching at a prominent church on a Sunday morning part of such a season?
  • Is it true that Covenant Life Church is getting ready to make some sort of decision in the next week or two about its continuing relationship with Sovereign Grace Ministries?  Are CLC’s members having any input into this process?  Who gets to make this decision?  If such a thing were to happen, how would all the shared facilities and assets get divvied up?

What are your questions?


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