On Confidentiality, And A Random Question

October 12, 2011 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

The Ambassadors of Reconciliation business continues.  Apparently, Sovereign Grace Ministries and the AoR folks have agreed to drop the usual confidentiality agreement that AoR asks participants to sign.  So if you want to tell the Ambassadors of Reconciliation about your SGM experience, you won’t have to promise to never again discuss anything related to what happened to you.  You can actually share your SGM story without having to sign away your right to that story.

That’s a good thing.

I do have a random question, though, something that occurred to me as I was thinking about SGM’s hiring the AoR folks to do this assessment for them.

Covenant Life Church and several other SGM churches have been known to keep detailed records (“files”) of information relating to their members.  Especially in light of these files, I think it’s safe to say that church leaders already know which members have left, and for the most part, why – or at least part of the reason why – those members are no longer part of their churches.  Particularly in the cases where members left in the wake of disagreements with pastors, those pastors already have a very good idea of who the offended parties might be.  And if their memories need refreshing, most SGM pastors can look back through the records that have been kept.  A quick perusal would probably yield dozens of names of people who probably should be approached with apologies for leaders’ heavy-handedness and so forth.

So what I’m wondering is, in addition to having these AoR people solicit testimonies from offended parties, is Covenant Life Church and other churches that maintain rmember files handing these files to AoR?

Wouldn’t that simplify this process greatly?  I mean, I’m guessing there are a number of people over the years who were wronged by SGM.  If the purpose of the AoR investigation is truly about getting a handle on SGM’s mishandling of members and on SGM’s issues, wouldn’t it be a lot more efficient for SGM churches to just turn over their records to AoR, rather than depend upon the rather iffy process of putting out these public notices on venues where the majority of wronged parties might not even see them?


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