In 40 Words Or Less

October 21, 2011 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

From the comments of a recent post at the Sovereign Grace Ministries blog, a reader named Jeannie asked the following:

Andrew – is the 40 word limit still in place?  It is difficult to successfully summarize a story into 40 words.  If a person is not chosen for an interview, is that 40 word summary all the opportunity they have to tell their story?

The SGM blog’s moderator (Andrew) answered Jeannie with the following:

Jeannie, thanks for asking. The 40-word limit is just for explaining why you want an interview. Around November 10, we will also make the longer feedback forms available on our website, which will allow much more space for providing input to AOR. Everyone attending the seminar will fill these out, as well as anyone who wants to participate online (the seminar is no longer required). Does that clarify things?

To which Jeannie replied,

So is someone chosen for an interview based on the 40 words, or based on the longer feedback forms?

And Andrew answered,

It’s based on the shorter form.

A reader here, “5yearsinPDI,” saved some of us some time and attempted to summarize in 40 words or less a few of the stories shared here.  She said,

I find myself trying to write one (not my own):

1. My husband sexually molested my daughter. They told me stay with him and give him lots of good sex since me depriving him helped cause him to turn to daughter. They told her to lock her bedroom door every night. But when I saw him looking through the bathroom window at her I called the cops and dumped the jerk.

Nah, 60. Way over.

2. My ex husband raped my daughter for three years. They asked me to plead for mercy but instead I let him go to jail. They said my poverty was self induced. My children were taken away and…

up to 37, hmm, 3 more words left. A tough one.

3. My husband beat me to a pulp and dislocated my jaw. He ended up a coddled member of the church while I was the bad apple for leaving SGM.

That works. 29.

4. We were met in the parking lot and told not to enter church and called “blots on their love feast” because we questioned the pastor’s sermon on facebook, if keeping your eyes on Jesus equals keeping your eyes on the cross.

Almost. 41. Just needs a little editing.

5. I was slandered and lied about for 10 years. I kept my mouth shut and tried to be humble and the guy who did it is still pastoring and a regional leader.

Wow oh wow, 32, AoR here we come.

Does anyone else want to try summarizing their SGM story in 40 words or less?  It could be an interesting brain teaser for a Friday…


Also, an update.  In a previous post, I mentioned that I had emailed Ted Kober (from the “Ambassadors Of Reconciliation” organization that SGM hired to manage feedback for them or something).  I invited him to read one of the previous posts and the comments that followed, as I figured he would be interested in the feedback from readers.  Also, it seemed logical to me that if the AoR folks are trying to gather information and gain a feel for SGM’s issues, they would want to connect with those who have been publicly discussing and analyzing these issues the longest.

I sent my email on Saturday night, October 15.  As of Friday morning, October 21, I have not heard anything back from Ted Kober or anyone else associated with the Ambassadors of Reconciliation.

I know my email was more than 40 words, but I have to say, I am surprised and disappointed that AoR has shown no interest in what people here have to share.

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