A Question, And Continuing Discussion…

December 11, 2011 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

I have a question.  Perhaps there’s an answer out there already and I’ve just missed it.  Perhaps some of you might know.  My question is this:

What is going to happen with the end result of the efforts of the Ambassadors of Reconciliation?

We know they are conducting interviews and compiling some sort of report which will presumably contain their conclusions.  What will be done with that report?  Will Sovereign Grace Ministries make a full and unabridged version available for all who’d like to read it?


We can also continue all general discussions in the comments for this post.  I’ve been having an interesting time as moderator lately.  Behind the scenes, I have received quite a lot of feedback about the different directions the conversations have gone.  Some people have appreciated certain commenters’ efforts.  Many others have expressed extreme frustration over the fact that I’m not moderating more.  For every “Thank you for writing that!” comment that appears on the site, or for every “Welcome back, Such-and-Such, we’ve missed you,” there are probably a half-dozen messages that get sent to me saying, “PLEASE tell Such-and-Such that his contributions are a huge distraction.”

Like I said, moderating can get interesting.  Generally, we don’t try to control or direct the discussions, unless it starts to feel like a commenter is monopolizing the conversation with his own special hobby horse, or unless (as disclosed in the “Read This Before Posting” tab) a commenter persists in trying to promote a view that we personally believe deviates too far from what we feel to be orthodox Christianity.

So, if there’s a particular commenter who bugs you, probably the best way to deal with that is to scroll past his or her posts.

At the same time, I would ask that we all try to police ourselves, perhaps a bit better than we have been.  Especially if you have no firsthand experience with SGM, and/or if you find yourself posting multiple lengthy comments that don’t directly relate to SGM, that might indicate that what you’re wishing to discuss belongs somewhere else.

I hope this clarifies the moderating process.

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