Another Departure…And More About Nate Morales

February 14, 2013 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

The following was sent to me by a reader:

At a family meeting this past Tuesday night, Mark Altrogge announced that Sovereign Grace Church of Indiana, PA is ending its partnership with Sovereign Grace Ministries.

The primary reason given is “an erosion of trust concerning the leadership of SGM.”

A more formal statement of reasons will be released later this week.


From another reader came this:

To give some very brief facts to start, the charges against Morales are centered around the sexual abuse of teenage boys, and Morales’ position as a teacher and Assistant Principal (although that position may have been “unofficial”) at MCCA. Also, during this time, Morales lived in the basement of a leader at PDI (now Soverign Grace Ministries), although later he moved into an apartment with another single guy.

The abuse started while he was a teacher at MCCA, and his targets were mostly students at the school. There were a few other boys in the “group of friends” that were not students, but the majority were, and the abuse happened on school grounds, at the PDI leader’s house, and at Morale’s  apartment (later). Please also note that MCCA was housed at Northgate Church.

The abuse started in 1989, at least for one of the victims, and continued until after that student had graduated and finally had the courage to remove himself from that circle (1991/1992-ish). Through the courage of one of the other victims, this particular victim was able to admit his abuse around 1994, and a Covenant Life Church pastor was informed at that time. The CLC  pastor counseled the typical “forgive him, don’t involve the police” routine. While they did not forbid going to the police, it was VERY frowned upon, and the victim gave up on pursuing it.  He was told later that Grant Layman “called” Morales to “check up on him” but was told nothing was amiss or admitted to.

Fast forward nearly 20 years, and due to the dedication of some select individuals (who must remain anonymous until the conclusion of the criminal trial), charges were filed, Morales was arrested, arraigned, extradited to MD, and is awaiting trial now.

It is reported that Morales’ abuse only targetted males, around the 1989-1993 timeframe, and targeted the 14-21 age frame. It is not believed that he molested any females (contrary to Brent’s accusation that Morales assaulted Paula Poe).


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