Sovereign Grace Ministries Board To Ask C.J. Mahaney To Resign?

March 3, 2013 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

On his blog, Brent Detwiler indicates that the Sovereign Grace Ministries Board was apparently planning to announce C.J. Mahaney’s resignation this past Friday.  Here is an excerpt from Brent’s most recent post, where he quotes from an email he sent to SGM’s board:

[Brent addressing the board:]  When will the lying stop?  The letter you wrote the SGM pastors about John Loftness’ resignation was not truthful and now you are doing the same with the letter regarding C.J.’s upcoming resignation.  You need to stop dead in your tracks and start over!  This time write an honest letter.

The only reason C.J. is resigning is because you asked him to resign.  He was not happy about your decision but decided not to fight it.  You should also make clear the Board was divided over his removal and spell out who was in favor and who was opposed (e.g., Mickey, Ken).  The pastors in SGM deserve to know how each Board Member voted on something of such significance.

Even more importantly, you need to be transparent about the reasons for removing C.J. from the Leadership Team and as President of SGM – that is, the widespread loss of trust and erosion of confidence in him.  For the sake of Christ, don’t spin the explanation and try to make C.J. look good by deceitful means.  Please don’t manipulate the truth again.  Every time you do so, you do not save face, you lose face because the Lord exposes you (e.g. the announcement regarding the relocation to Louisville [Apr 19, 2012], the announcement regarding C.J.’s as President [Jun 28, 2012], the use of Philippians 2:1 [Sep 12, 2012]; the “reasoned response to six questions” [Sep 14, 2012]).

Furthermore, you know C.J. and John are in real trouble over the lawsuit.  On January 11, you told everyone you were “carefully reviewing each allegation…working diligently in an effort to learn the truth.”  You’ve done your investigation.  You realize both of them are culpable.  Just be honest.  Tell the pastors you are concerned for how they handled the victims and protected sexual predators and that is one of the reasons you think it is necessary to remove C.J. from all leadership in SGM.

Moreover, let the pastors know what you are really doing big picture.  Why conceal it?  You are cleaning house because few pastors trust C.J., Dave Harvey, John Loftness, Mickey Connolly, etc. al, any longer!  If you shoot straight for a change the pastors that remain might actually begin to trust you more.  Just tell them you are removing the old guard so they can be replaced by a new guard.  Tell them you are trying to stop the bleeding for ethical and practical reasons before SGM hemorrhages’ to death.

It will be interesting to follow the developments in the upcoming days and weeks.

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