The Police Report

August 20, 2015 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Someone obtained a copy of the police report relating to Gene Emerson’s arrest on solicitation charges.

Here is the first page (click to enlarge): [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT/LANGUAGE]

Here is the second page (click to enlarge):

and the third page (click to enlarge):

A Proposal

August 20, 2015 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Some days ago, it was announced that Gene Emerson, senior pastor of KingsWay Church, would be stepping down from leadership due to his conviction for soliciting a prostitute. As of now, no one really seems to know further details of what actually happened with Mr. Emerson – just that he was arrested for this crime and convicted of it by the State of Virginia. However,┬áMr. Emerson himself maintains that he was not actually guilty of doing anything “illicit” but instead had a “serious lapse of judgment.” When making the announcement of Mr. Emerson’s departure from KingsWay’s staff, pastor Matthew Williams reiterated Mr. Emerson’s claims.

I’d like to make a proposal to Mr. Emerson and his former coworkers at KingsWay: publish the police report of Gene Emerson’s arrest. Doubtless, Mr. Emerson’s lawyer has a copy of it. So release it. Publish it.

Let the people of the congregation – the people whose tithes and offerings have paid these pastors’ salaries all these years – read it for themselves. Eliminate the confusion and speculation and publish the police report. Publish Mr. Emerson’s rebuttal of the report as well, if so desired. But come clean with all the facts of the case – both sides’ versions of the facts.

To do otherwise simply fuels further speculation, such as what to make of the fact that the only people arrested on the date Mr. Emerson was arrested – both the alleged johns and the prostitutes – were all male. EDITED TO ADD: Someone just emailed me some scans of the police report. I’m going to upload those in a new post. However, I can definitely clarify that Mr. Emerson solicited a FEMALE.

KingsWay Pastor Convicted of Solicitation of Prostitution

August 12, 2015 in Sovereign Grace Ministries

Awhile back, it was announced that Gene Emerson, senior pastor at KingsWay Community Church in Midlothian, Virginia, would be taking a sabbatical due to burnout. More recently, Matthew Williams explained that Mr. Emerson would actually be stepping down due to the fact that he had been convicted of soliciting a prostitute. Mr. Williams made the following remarks about the situation:

Last month, Gene was found guilty in Chesterfield County Court of soliciting a prostitute. To this day, he continues to maintain that he is innocent of any illicit activity, though he has humbly acknowledged a significant lapse in judgement regarding his conduct throughout the situation. While we respect the courts as an authority established by God, we know they are not perfect. And in light of his claim of innocence, we support his right to consider taking further legal action.

You can read a more complete statement here, where you can also access an audio recording of Matthew Williams’ talk.